Wellington Building List

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Building Name

Street No.

Street Name

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Southern Cross Apartments 39 Abel Smith Street Yes
WCC Arts Centre 61 Abel Smith Street Yes
  65 Abel Smith Street Yes
Datacom Systems Building 84 Abel Smith Street Yes
After Hours Medical Centre 17 Adelaide Road Yes
Vodafone Building 58 Adelaide Road Yes
  59 Adelaide Rd Yes
  97 Adelaide Road No
  113 Adelaide Road Yes
NZ Defence Force 2 Aitken Street Yes
Vogel Building 8 Aitken Street Yes
Freyberg Building 20 Aitken Street Yes
  2 Allen Street Yes
  14 Allen Street Yes
  18 Allen Street No
WCC New Business Centre 1 19 Arthur Street Yes
WCC New Business Centre 2 29 Arthur Street Yes
PSA Building 11 Aurora Tce Yes
Wellington East Girls College   Austin Street No
Supreme Court    Ballance Street  No
PSIS Building 20 Ballance Street Yes
Wellington District Court 49 Ballance Street No
Charles Fergusson Building 6 Ballantrae Place Yes
Members Stand   Basin Reserve No
1 Blair Street 1 Blair Street Yes
The Exchange 24 Blair Street Yes
ENZA Building 11 Bolton Street Yes
Bolton Hotel (City Stay Apartments) 12 Bolton Street Yes
LoveLocks 10 Bond Street No
Syn Bar 18 Bond Street No
Begonia House   Botanical Gardens No
Boulcott Street Car Park 31 Boulcott Street No
Press House 1 36 Boulcott Street Yes
Press House 2 40 Boulcott Street Yes
Boulcott House 47 Boulcott Street Yes
Compudigm House 49 Boulcott Street Yes
CityLink House 53 Boulcott Street Yes
  59 Boulcott Street No
Antrim House 63 Boulcott Street Yes
Navigate House 69 Boulcott Street Yes
Tourism & Travel House 79 Boulcott Street Yes
CSC House 80 Boulcott Street Yes
Grand Annex 84 Boulcott Street Yes
iPayroll House 93 Boulcott Street Yes
Bowen House 1 Bowen Street Yes
Ministry of Economic Development Building 33 Bowen Street Yes
Bowen State Building 34 Bowen Street Yes
Beehive 40 Bowen Street Yes
Deloitte House 10 Brandon Street Yes
REMAX Building 15 Brandon Street Yes
Central House 26 Brandon Street Yes
Bayleys Building 36 Brandon Street Yes
Wellington Railway Station 2 Bunny Street Yes
  9 Bunny Street No
NZX Building 11 Cable Street Yes
Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa 35 Cable Street Yes
  10 Cambridge Terrace No
X Base Backpackers 24 Cambridge Terrace Yes
Courtenay Place Telephone Exchange 25 Cambridge Terrace No
Atec Computers Building 35 Cambridge Terrace No
New Zealand Lotteries House 54 Cambridge Terrace Yes
Seafood House 74 Cambridge Terrace Yes
Chews Lane Precinct 11 Chews Lane Yes
Credit Consultants House 1 Church Street Yes
NZ Wireless Building 2 College Street Yes
  11 College Street Yes
Caffe L'affare 27 College Street Yes
Newtown Public Library 13 Constable Street Yes
Educational Directions House 15 Courtenay Place No
Hummingbird Café 18 Courtenay Place No
J&M Fast Foods 21 Courtenay Place No
Paramount Theatre 25 Courtenay Place No
United Video 31 Courtenay Place No
  41 Courtenay Place Yes
  45 Courtenay Place Yes
Capital Language Academy 49 Courtenay Place No
Korea House 52 Courtenay Place Yes
  53 Courtenay Place No
Creo House 57 Courtenay Place Yes
  74 Courtenay Place No
WestPacTrust St James Theatre 83 Courtenay Place Yes
CMC Building 89 Courtenay Place Yes
Olympic House 97 Courtenay Place Yes
Courtenay Central (Reading Theatre) 100 Courtenay Place Yes
Kennedy Building 33 Cuba Street No
Electricity House Apartments 40 Cuba Street No
James Smith Building 55 Cuba Street Yes
The Oaks 71 Cuba Street Yes
  74 Cuba Street Yes
  93 Cuba Street Yes
Left Bank - Rear  100 Cuba Street No
Working Mens Club 101 Cuba Street No
  107 Cuba Street  
Breathe Communications Building 126 Cuba Street No
Crombie Lockwood House 150 Cuba Street Yes
  173 Cuba Street No
  177 Cuba Street No
  181 Cuba Street No

Cuba Street

Terralink Building 275 Cuba Street Yes
Maritime Tower  10 Customhouse Quay  Yes
BP House 20 Customhouse Quay Yes
ABN Amro House 36 Customhouse Quay Yes
Tower Building 50 Customhouse Quay Yes
AMP Building 86 Customhouse Quay Yes
Todd Building 95 Customhouse Quay Yes
BDO House 99 Customhouse Quay Yes
United Building 107 Customhouse Quay Yes
Perpetual Trust House 111 Customhouse Quay Yes
Wellington Zoo 200 Daniel Street No
Wellington Free Ambulance 19 Davis Street Yes
Hope Gibbons Building 11 Dixon Street Yes
Crombie Lockwood Building 13 Dixon Street Yes
Barnardos Building 66 Dixon Street No
  68 Dixon Street No
Kenchan House 92 Dixon Street No
Orbit Tower 94 Dixon Street Yes
Capiche House 113 Dixon Street Yes
Dixon Tower Apartments 115 Dixon Street Yes
Pharmacy House 124 Dixon Street Yes
Wellington College   Dufferin Street No
  1 Edward Street No
  3 Edward Street No
  15 Edward Street No
Egmont Street Apartments 20 Egmont Street Yes
Central Chambers Apartment 3 Eva Street No
Robert Hannahs Apartments 6 Eva Street Yes
Asterton Centre  55 Featherston Street No
Wellington Central Telephone Exchange 70 Featherston Street No
Holiday Inn 75 Featherston Street Yes
PSIS Building 102 Featherston Street Yes
Gen-i Tower 109 Featherston Street Yes
Seabridge House 110 Featherston Street Yes
Fujitsu Centre 119 Featherston Street Yes
Fullbright House 120 Featherston Street Yes
AMR House 125 Featherston Street Yes
Norfolk House 128 Featherston Street Yes
Agriculture House 131 Featherston Street No
Ibis Hotel 135 Featherston Street Yes
Old Wool House 139 Featherston Street Yes
City Chambers 142 Featherston Street Yes
Change House 150 Featherston Street Yes
Gen-i House 154 Featherston Street Yes
IBM Centre & Intercontinental Hotel 163 Featherston Street Yes
CSI House 166 Featherston Street Yes
National Bank House 170 Featherston Street No
AMP Chambers 187 Featherston Street Yes
US Embassy 29 Fitzherbert Street Yes
Wakefield Hospital 32 Florence Grove Yes
  3 George Street No
  35 Ghuznee Street Yes
Freemasons Building 39 Ghuznee Street Yes
  62 Ghuznee Street No
  68 Ghuznee Street No
Barnardos House 85 Ghuznee Street No
Dominion Brewery Building  119 Ghuznee Street No
Grand Plimmer Tower 2 Gilmer Terrace Yes
EDS Building 8 Gilmer Terrace Yes
Victoria University - Weir House   Gladstone Terrace No
Tree House 101 Glenmore Street Yes
Optimation House 1 Grey Street Yes
Harcourts Building 22 Grey Street Yes
  18 Haining Street No
  20 Haining Street No
  39 Haining Street No
Royal Society Building 4 Halswell Street No
NZIER Building 8 Halswell Street No
  38 Hania Street  Yes
Te Kohanga Reo Building 67 Hankey Street No
Southern Cross Hospital 90 Hansen Street Yes
St Marys College   Hawkestone Street No
Portland Hotel 24 Hawkstone Street Yes
Rugby Union Building, Centreport 1 Hinemoa Street No
Australian High Commission 72 Hobson Street No
German Embassy 90 Hobson Street Yes
Queen Margaret College  53 Hobson Street No
  25 Hopper Street No
Lumley House 11 Hunter Street Yes
ASB Towers 2 Hunter Street Yes
The Old Bank Arcade 21 Hunter Street Yes
Telecom Networks House 68 Jervious Quay Yes
Capital E on the Quay   Jervois Quay Yes
Bond Store 3 Jervois Quay Yes
National Chambers 15 Johnson Street Yes
Hayman Centre 24 Johnston Street Yes
Johnston St Apartments 35 Johnston Street Yes
Forsyth Barr House 45 Johnston Street Yes
7 - 23 Kate Sheppard Place 7 Kate Sheppard Place Yes
Victoria University - Robert Stout   Kelburn Parade No
Victoria University - Cotton Building   Kelburn Parade Yes
Clemenger BBDO 8 Kent Terrace Yes
WestPacTrust Computer Centre 20 Kent Terrace No
  23 Kent Terrace No
Quinovic House 32 Kent Terrace Yes
Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre 63 Kilbirnie Crescent No
  12 Knigges Avenue Yes
Lambton Bus Interchange 1 Lambton Quay Yes
Rutherford House 5 Lambton Quay Yes
Old Government Buildings 15 Lambton Quay Yes
BDS House 86 Lambton Quay Yes
Pastoral House 94 Lambton Quay No
Land Corp House 101 Lambton Quay Yes
Local Government Building 114 Lambton Quay Yes
Public Trust Building 117 Lambton Quay Yes
Manchester Unity Centre 120 Lambton Quay Yes
New Zealand Payroll House 126 Lambton Quay Yes
Old Public Trust Building 131 Lambton Quay Yes
Prime Finance Tower (Sovereign) 140 Lambton Quay Yes
Te Puni Kokiri House 143 Lambton Quay Yes
State Insurance Tower 147 Lambton Quay No
Vodafone on the Quay 157 Lambton Quay Yes
Lambton House 160 Lambton Quay Yes
Harbour City Centre 179 Lambton Quay Yes
  190 Lambton Quay Yes
  256 Lambton Quay Yes
Hallenstein House 278 Lambton Quay Yes
Cable Car Shopping Centre 286 Lambton Quay Yes
South British Building 326 Lambton Quay Yes
Telegroup House 330 Lambton Quay Yes
Baldwins House 342 Lambton Quay Yes
Mason King Building 354 Lambton Quay Yes
Hannah Warehouse 13 Leeds Street No
NZEIS House 210 Main Street Tawa Yes
The National Bank 13 Manners Street Yes
Conservation House 18 Manners Street Yes
Open Network House 34 Manners Street Yes
Regency Apartments 49 Manners Street Yes
BNZ Trust House 50 Manners Street Yes
Breeze Plaza 57 Manners Street Yes
Grand Central Building 76 Manners Street No
  125 Manners Street No
Te Aro Court 71 Manners Street / Cuba Street Yes
  1 Marion Street No
  25 Marion Street Yes
  31 Marion Street No
Cigna House 28 Mercer Street Yes
High Court 32 Molesworth Street Yes
Delotte House 55 Molesworth Street Yes
National Library 58 Molesworth Street Yes
Shamrock House 83 Molesworth Street No
Aorangi House 85 Molesworth Street No
State Services Commission Building 100 Molesworth Street Yes
Molesworth House 101 Molesworth Street Yes
  111 Molesworth Street No
Ministry of Health Building 133 Molesworth Street No
FAI House 180 Molesworth Street Yes
(Archives Building)  10 Mulgrave Street Yes
Hitachi Data Systems House 50 Mulgrave Street Yes
AT&T Tower 15 Murphy Street Yes
Central Park Sub Station   Nairn Street Yes
Quotable Value House  22 Nevis Street, Petone            No
Te Aro Fire Station 2 Oriential Parade No
Wellington TV 9 Oxford Terrace No
Panama House 22 Panama Street Yes
CPL Building 127 Park Road No
Avalon TV Studios, Lower Hutt   Percy Cameron Street, Lower Hutt No
Pipitea Plaza  1 Pipitea Street No
Wellington Girls College 26 Pipitea Street No
 Huia Building 39 Pipitea Street No
St Pauls Square 45 Pipitea Street Yes
  117 Pirie Street No
Correspondence School 11 Portland Crescent Yes
Huddard Parker Building 1 Post Office Square Yes
Kumutoto Hse   Queens Wharf No
Fronde Building  3 Queens Wharf Yes
Queens Wharf Event Centre   Queens Wharf Yes
Queen's Wharf Apartments 1 Queen's Wharf No
Wellington Pathology 40 Riddiford Street Yes
Wellington Public Hospital 81 Riddiford Street Yes
Central Pacific Finance Building 168 Riddiford Street No
  178 Riddiford Street No
Government House 15 Rugby Street No
Newtown Park WCC Depot   Russell Terrace Yes
Student Union Building Victoria University   Salamanca Road No
Met Service 30 Salamanca Road Yes
  15 Stout Street Yes
  4 Sussex Street Yes
Manthel Building 13 Taranaki Street No
  39 Taranaki Street No
NEC House 40 Taranaki Street Yes
Saatchi & Saatchi House 51 Taranaki Street Yes
Housing Corp Building 61 Taranaki Street Yes
  75 Taranaki Street No
One Source House 79 Taranaki Street Yes
Film Archives 84 Taranaki Street Yes
  113 Taranaki Street No
  115 Taranaki Street Yes
  149 Taranaki Street Yes
ITO House 180 Taranaki Street Yes
Radio Networks House  190  Taranaki Street  Yes
  258 Taranaki Street No
  274 Taranaki Street No
  8 Te Puni Street, Petone  No
Wellington High School 283 Taranaki Street Yes
Typography By Design (TBD) Building 5 Tennyson Street No
  15 Tennyson Street  No
  19 Tennyson Street No
Statistics Building   The Boulevard, Harbour Quays Yes
  75 The Esplanade Yes
Treasury Building 1 The Terrace Yes
Reserve Bank Building 2 The Terrace Yes
Natural Gas House 22 The Terrace Yes
Greenock House 39 The Terrace Yes
Intergen House 44 The Terrace Yes
Mayfair House 44 The Terrace Yes
Vector Building (NGC House /Simpson Griers) 44 The Terrace Yes
Unisys House 56 The Terrace Yes
Aurora Chambers 66 The Terrace Yes
Gleneagles Building 69 The Terrace Yes
Solnet House 70 The Terrace Yes
AXA Centre 80 The Terrace Yes
  85 The Terrace Yes
Novel House - Lambton Square 87 The Terrace Yes
The Wellington Club 88 The Terrace Yes
Wakefield House 90 The Terrace Yes
  93 The Terrace Yes
Transpower (Shell) House 96 The Terrace Yes
  97 The Terrace No
  99 The Terrace Yes
ASB House 101 The Terrace Yes
Terrace Legal House 104 The Terrace Yes
  108 The Terrace Yes
Morrison Kent House 109 The Terrace Yes
Equinox House 111 The Terrace Yes
St Johns House 114 The Terrace Yes
Price Waterhouse Coopers Tower 119 The Terrace Yes
The Wellingtonian 120 The Terrace Yes
Capital on the Quay 125 The Terrace Yes
Clayton Ford House 128 The Terrace Yes
Novotel Capital 133 The Terrace Yes
FX Networks House 138 The Terrace Yes
Royal Sun Alliance House 139 The Terrace No
Fujitsu Tower 141 The Terrace Yes
James Cook Grand Chancellor Hotel 147 The Terrace Yes
Radio New Zealand House 155 The Terrace Yes
  158 The Terrace Yes
Tower Trust House 169 The Terrace No
Pipitea House 61 Thorndon Quay Yes
Stadium Garden Apartments 103 Thorndon Quay Yes
  125 Thorndon Quay Yes
Arthur D Riley Building 137 Thorndon Quay Yes
Sauce Post Building 153 Thorndon Quay Yes
Power House 163 Thorndon Quay Yes
  179 Thorndon Quay No
  190  Thorndon Quay  Yes
Thorndon Centre 191 Thorndon Quay Yes
  202 Thorndon Quay Yes
Ericsson Building 204 Thorndon Quay Yes
Metro Centre 220 Thorndon Quay Yes
230 Thorndon Quay 230 Thorndon Quay Yes
231 Thorndon Quay 231 Thorndon Quay Yes
241 Thorndon Quay 241 Thorndon Quay No
Securacopy Building 242 Thorndon Quay No
  258 Thorndon Quay No
WoolStore 262 Thorndon Quay Yes
  5 Tory Street Yes
  9 Tory Street Yes
Mountain Safety House 19 Tory Street Yes
Chow Building 45 Tory Street Yes
Mitre 10 46 Tory Street Yes
Wildlife House 60 Tory Street Yes
Teamtalk Building 84 Tory Street Yes
  100 Tory Street Yes
Big Save 133 Tory Street Yes
  144 Tory Street No
Te Papa National Archives 175 Tory Street No
Wellington Emergency Management Office WEMO 2 Turnbull Street Yes
Thorndon Primary School 20 Turnbull Street No
NBNZ House 1 Victoria Street No
Guardian Trust House 25 Victoria Street Yes
LG Centre 35 Victoria Street Yes
  44 Victoria Street Yes
Chews Lane Building 50 Victoria Street Yes
Wellington Central Police Station 55 Victoria Street Yes
  56 Victoria Street Yes
Wellington Public Library 57 Victoria Street Yes
Dominion Apartments 78 Victoria Street Yes
Mibar Building 81 Victoria Street Yes
Te Renco Finance House 86 Victoria Street Yes
ASB Bank Shoreline Centre 100 Victoria Street Yes
AC Neilson Building 120 Victoria Street No
Eagle Technology House 135 Victoria Street Yes
  154 Victoria Street Yes
Feltex House 156 Victoria Street Yes
Fish and Bird Building 170 Victoria Street No
Century City Towers 175 Victoria Street Yes
The Lofts 185 Victoria Street Yes
LexisNexis Building 205 Victoria Street Yes
Line 2 Line Building 11 Vivian Street Yes
Lintas Building 25 Vivian Street Yes
Colourcraft House 62 Vivian Street Yes
Montgomery Watson House 89 Vivian Street No
Trades Hall 126 Vivian Street No
Rostrevor House 130 Vivian Street Yes
VUW School of Architecture & Design 139 Vivian Street Yes
  169 Vivian Street Yes
Mainzeal Building 181 Vivian Street Yes
Minolta House 182 Vivian Street Yes
Municipal Office Building 101 Wakefield Streeet Yes
Civic Administration Building 101 Wakefield Street Yes
City Print House 102 Wakefield street Yes
Town Hall 109 Wakefield Street Yes
Michael Fowler Centre 111 Wakefield Street Yes
Felix Café 128 Wakefield Street No
Anvil House 138 Wakefield Street Yes
GWRC Building 140 Wakefield Street No
Duxton Hotel 162 Wakefield Street Yes
  181 Wakefield Street No
  182 Wakefield Street No
Master Builders Building 234 Wakefield Street Yes
St Lawrence Building 256 Wakefeild Street Yes
GSB House 265 Wakefield Street Yes
Polo House 269 Wakefield Street Yes
Actrix Building 282 Wakefield Street Yes
Massey University 63 Wallace Street Yes
Vidcom Building 11 Walter Street Yes
CommArts House 15 Walter Street Yes
Laptop House 23 Waring Taylor Street Yes
NZ Law Society Building 26 Waring Taylor Street Yes
Dunbar Sloane Building 32 Waring Taylor Street Yes
Petherick Towers 38 Waring Taylor Street Yes
New Zealand Post Headquarters 7 Waterloo Quay Yes
Seaworks House 39 Waterloo Quay No
Westpactrust Stadium 147 Waterloo Quay Yes
Paradise Building 30 Webb Street Yes
Consumers Institute 39 Webb Street Yes
97 Webb Street 97 Webb Street No
  17 Whitmore Street  No
17 Wigan St 17 Wigan St No
22 Wigan St 22 Wigan Street No
Axon House 1 Willeston Street Yes
Exchange Place 5 Willeston Street Yes
Willeston Centre 22 Willeston Street Yes
State Insurance Tower 1 Willis Street Yes
8 Willis Street 8 Willis Street Yes
The Grand Arcade 16 Willis Street Yes
Airways House 44 Willis Street Yes
Willbank House 57 Willis Street Yes
60 Willis Street Apartments 60 Willis Street Yes
Zephyr Building 82 Willis Street Yes
Community House 84 Willis Street No
Hibernian House 89 Willis Street Yes
Majestic Centre 100 Willis Street Yes
Kordia House 109 Willis Street No
St George Hotel 124 Willis Street No
Mid City Tower  139 Willis Street Yes
150 Willis Street 150 Willis Street Yes
177 Willis Street 177 Willis Street Yes
Education House UNICOMM 178 Willis Street Yes
Metric (Westbrook) House 181 Willis Street Yes
NZEI House 182 Willis Street Yes
Logical House 186-90 Willis Street     Yes   
185 Willis Street 185 Willis Street Yes
189 Willis Street 189 Willis Street Yes
Wang House 195 Willis Street Yes
Southmark House 203 Willis Street Yes
Arnite Building 204 Willis Street Yes
Waterside House 220 Willis Street Yes
Planet Design 233 Willis Street No
Cumberland House 235 Willis Street Yes
Druids Building 1 Woodward Street Yes
2-6 Woodward Street 2 Woodward Street No